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Adult JiuJitsu Rank Promotions
There is no formal testing for our belts. As you train and roll, our instructors are watching and monitoring your progress. Our promotions are hard earned. A typical promotion from white belt to blue belt can take a year and a half to two years or longer. When you receive a promotion at our academy, you can be assured that you have earned it and that our instructors believe you can go to any gym in the world and properly represent the belt you are wearing. Occasionally, promotions can happen faster. Our faster promoting students typically have an extensive wrestling or grappling background.

Stripes (adult JiuJitsu)
We award stripes at all times during the year, as we see fit. A stripe is typically awarded at the end of class, and does not involve a formal ceremony. Stripes help to signify progression within a rank.

White Belt   Blue Belt   Purple Belt   Brown Belt   Black Belt
0 - 4 Stripes   0 - 4 Stripes   0-4 Stripes   0-4 Stripes   0-4 Stripes

Belts (adult JiuJitsu)
Belt promotions ceremonies are held 3 to 4 times per year. Our 5th degree JiuJitsu black belt, Adriano Lucio assists with our promotions. Adriano visits our gym from Brazil several times a year. When here, Adriano will teach classes for a few weeks, and he holds a promotion ceremony during the last class of his trip.

Kids Promotions

More info coming soon.