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Gym Rules & Mat Etiquette

Do your part to help keep our gym safe for everyone.
Dont come to class if you are sick, or if anyone in your house is sick.
Always wear a clean gi.
Wash your hands before and after class.

Safety First
Your partner's safety is your responsibility. If they don't know enough to tap, it is your responsible to stop before you injur them.

Have FUN!
If you aren't having fun, you will never stay with it. But, fun doesn't mean easy. We like to have fun with our training, and we belive coming to JiuJitsu should be one of the highlights of your day. At our academy, we will work you as hard as you want to work, but we try to keep it fun.

No Medals to Win in Training
Train hard, but train smart. Training is not competition. No one is winning a medal afer a roll. Class is about learning and improving, not "winning" a roll.

Tap Early & Tap Often
Your partner's safety is your responsibility. Most of us have jobs to go back to tomorrow. We need our knees, elbows, shoulders and ankles. Leave your pride and ego at the door. The more you are willing to tap, the harder you can train and the harder you can roll. Live to roll another day...tap early, tap often.

Be On Time. But...
You should make every effort to be on time for class. However, we understand that life and Navy Federal traffic can sometimes get in the way. If you can't get to class on time, please still come to class. You can't improve if you aren't on the mat consistently. We would rather you show up for part of class, than to miss class completely.

If You Are Injured. Come Watch & Learn
Injuries happen. Sometimes they happen on the mat, and sometimes they happen at home. If you have something preventing you from training, we suggest you still come to class. You can sit on the mat and just watch. Too often, we see members get out of the gym routine due to injury. We all know how hard it is to get back into a routine after you get out of it.

No Shoes On Mats
Shoes are not allowed on our training mat. Flip flops or slides are ideal to wear to training. Shoes should be worn on all hard surfaces at the gym. Shoes should be removed at the edge of the mat, ever time you step on the mat. This helps to prevent germs and bacteria off the mats.

Class Lineup (before & after class)
Line up by belt rank at the beginnig of class. After class lineup by rank, and shake hands with everyone on the mat.

Cleaning the Mats
After the last class of the day, we sweep and disinfect the mats. With a few people helping, this only takes a few minutes. When possible, please take a turn with the mat cleaning.